Microsoft says majority of touchscreens work with Windows 8

The vast majority of existing touchscreen PCs can be used with Windows 8, according to Microsoft, but tablets and PCs designed to meet its new guidelines will offer a better user experience for touch applications going forwards.

In an update to the Building Windows 8 blog, Microsoft reiterated that Windows 8 hardware should support a minimum of five fingers for multi-touch input.

Microsoft lists a number of machines that are known to work with Windows 8, although the firm said this should not be taken as an endorsement and users should not expect official support from the vendors when installing and testing Windows 8.

The systems Microsoft itself uses for Windows 8 are:

HP Elitebook 2760p convertible
ASUS EP121 tablet
Dell Inspiron Duo convertible
Lenovo x220t convertible
3M M2256PW 22″ display
Samsung Series 7 slate

The Windows 8 “touch language” defines eight basic gestures, including slide to pan, swipe from the bottom edge for app commands and from the side edge for system commands, as well as tapping to initiate an action and pinching to zoom.


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